Social Science Talks

Our biweekly meetings in the format of 45-50 minutes of presentation and 45-60 minutes of discussion, held online on topics in the field of social sciences.

Thought Platform

It is a free environment of thought sharing open to everyone who has something to say, research findings or claims in the field of social and human sciences.

The intellectual rights of the articles belong to the author. Ideas on the platform represent the thoughts of the author and can be quoted provided that the source and link are provided.

Dictionary of Social Sciences

Thanks to the interactive online user interface, terms in the Dictionary of Social Sciences are presented with the definitions (if you hover your mouse on them waiting 2 (two) seconds.


We briefly introduce current publications and recommendations for reference resources for your reading in the field of social sciences.

You may send your recommendations and your short reviews in a similar format with the published examples for the book reviews to the address .